SMU Verts is the official student environmental club in Singapore Management University (SMU). Founded in 2002 and named after the French word for “Green”, we are a team of dedicated individuals who strive to improve awareness among the SMU community on green issues.


Our Mission & Vision

To inculcate a sense of environmentalism among SMU students so they may graduate as environmentally-conscious leaders of tomorrow.

We aim to increase the adoption of eco-urban living lifestyle within the school community through long-term and sustainable engage with our student body and faculty.


The Tree Huggers

Ng Rui Qin, President

As the president of SMU Verts, Rui Qin’s role is to ensure that the club stays true to its vision. In addition, he is also responsible for reviewing all club activities as well as managing team dynamics.

Michelle Ann Lim, Vice-President

As the Vice-President of SMU Verts, Michelle is responsible for assisting the president in his duties when required as well as maintaining public relations through official channels.

Janis Lim, Honorary General Secretary

The role as the General Secretary includes the facilitation of club activities, documentation of meetings as well as managing membership.

Lim Yi Chang, Finance Director

The club’s Finance Director is responsible for planning as well as managing the budget of club operations and events.

Tan Yi Zhen, Marketing Director

The club’s Marketing Director is responsible for the club’s publicity as well as promoting club events and activities.

Isaac Ng, Research Director

The club’s Research Director is responsible for spearheading & leading research operations in the field of environmentalism.

Shruti  Saravanakumar & Bhawna Sharma, Events Directors

The club’s Events Director is responsible for planning and organising all key club activities/events.

Amelia See, Public Relations Director

The club’s Public Relations Director is responsible for liaising and engaging all external parties and maintaining public relations with them.

Joachim Tan, Logistics Director

The club’s Logistics Director is responsible for ensuring that the logistical needs of the club’s events are met.



Successfully execute 12 events

Continue the efforts of Bring Your Own Tumbler

Bring Fashion Swap to Fruition

Engage 300 SMU Students!


Achievements Thus Far

Singapore Management University

Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award [2016]

The Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance Award is one of two award categories under the SGBC-BCA Sustainability Leadership Awards 2016, the other being Business Leadership in Sustainability Award. The Awards recognise buildings and businesses for being green and sustainable in an innovative way, and aim to raise awareness and advocate for green buildings to members of the general public.

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Water Efficient Building Certification (Gold) [2014]

The Water Efficient Building (WEB) Certification launched in 2004 encourages businesses, industries, schools and buildings from the non-domestic sector to include water efficient measures in their premises and processes. The WEB Certification is also recognised under the Green Mark Certification scheme for buildings. The WEB Certification (Gold/Silver) recognises water users who adopt the water efficiency management system and are exemplary performers in water efficiency.

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BCA Green Mark (Platinum) [2014] – City Campus, Admin Building & School of Law

The BCA Green Mark scheme was launched in 2005 as a key strategic programme to raise the awareness of sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings. It evaluates buildings for their environmental impact and performance. The benefits of Green Mark buildings include cost savings resulting from efficient use of key resources such as energy and water, leading to lower operational and maintenance costs. Other less tangible benefits include enhanced occupant productivity and health due to good indoor environmental quality. Under the assessment system, points are awarded for incorporating environmentally friendly and sustainable features which are better than normal practice. The total number of points obtained translates to the respective award ratings of Certified, Gold, GoldPLUS, and Platinum in ascending order of merit.

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ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) standard [2013]

ISO 50001 is the widely-recognised and adopted international standard with the purpose of enabling organisations to establish the systems and processes necessary to improve energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption. Proper implementation is intended to lead to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts and energy cost through systematic management of energy based on the Plan – Do – Check – Act (PDCA) continual improvement framework. The standard also incorporates energy management into daily organisational practices.

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SMU Verts

SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Group – Gold) [2016]

SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Student Leadership – Bronze) [2013]

The SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Gold, Silver & Bronze) honour CCA clubs and individuals for their excellence, proficiencies and contributions to student life in the respective categories of the Arts, Sports & Adventure and Student Leadership/Community Integration.

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Special Interest Community Service Sodality Excellence Award [2013, 2014]

SICS Excellence Award recognises club’s continuous effort in achieving and maintaining a high standard of excellence.


Singapore Book of Records – Largest Display of Origami Lions [2014]

The Singapore Book of Records (SBOR) is a non-profit organisation established in 2005, primarily to compile and adjudicate all national records, and to advise and promote world records. It was formed in response to widespread voices for a national body to administer and make local records possible. There are currently about twenty countries around the world with their own record keeping bodies.

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SMU Excellence in Student Life Presidential Award (Student Leadership – Gold)

Awarded to: Javier Ng [2017]

SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Student Leadership – Gold)

Awarded to: Mervin Soon [2016], Victor Lee [2013]

The SMU Excellence in Student Life Award (Gold, Silver & Bronze) honour CCA clubs and individuals for their excellence, proficiencies and contributions to student life in the respective categories of the Arts, Sports & Adventure and Student Leadership/Community Integration.

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National Environment Agency EcoFriend Award

Awarded to: Victor Lee [2014], Lee Qian Yi [2013], Regina Goh [2009]

The EcoFriend Awards recognise the efforts and achievements of environmentally-proactive people in Singapore who have made contributions to the environment. These individuals come from all walks of life – school teachers, students, youth and volunteers in non-government, private, people as well as public sector organizations and have sacrificed their personal time and effort to protect, promote and enhance our Clean & Green environment.

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DHL-SMU Green Transformation Lab Environmental Sustainability Award

Awarded to: Victor Lee [2014]

The Green Transformation Lab (GTL) is a joint initiative by SMU and DHL aimed at accelerating the evolution of sustainable logistics across Asia Pacific. Leveraging SMU’s multi-faculty academic excellence and DHL’s sustainability services, expertise and capability in supply chains, GTL is focused on creating solutions that help companies transform their supply chains, becoming greener, more resource efficient and sustainable.

Under the collaboration, GTL has established the DHL-SMU Green Transformation Lab Environmental Sustainability Award. The award serves to recognise students who have demonstrated involvement with projects and activities that have resulted in positive sustainable impacts on the environment and community.

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