Conversations on Sustainable Singapore (Energy & Climate Change)

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April 26, 2014


Conversations on Sustainable Singapore is a series of 3 conversations co-organized by Green Future Solutions, SMU verts and Nature Society (Singapore), at the Singapore Management University. The objective of the conversations is to generate constructive and specific suggestions which would be submitted for the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint review.

A total of 150 slots were open to members of the public. The 3 topics of discussions are as follows:

Energy and Climate Change (energy efficiency, clean energy, and climate change)
26 Apr 2014, Sat (0830 – 1300)

Waste and the 3Rs (waste management, reduce, reuse, and recycle)
4 May 2014, Sun (0830 – 1300)

Food Security (food supply and food waste)
24 May 2014, Sat (0830 – 1300)

In our 1st session on energy and climate change, we have Allan Loi, Energy Analyst, Energy Studies Institute and Darrell Zhang, Co-Founder, Intraix, joining us as guest speakers.

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